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Design & place toilets in your restaurant floor plan

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Design and ambiance carry through to restaurant toilets. Some designers start projecting a layout of a restaurant from the position and finishing of the toilet rooms in order to make them attractive and comfortable. Since they will be visited not just at the start of the food experience and during the meal but, oftentimes from kids, they have to be special and, especially, always cleaned. New research has revealed just how many people are put off returning to restaurants because of the poor standard of the washrooms. The survey commissioned by Cannon Hygiene was carried out by YouGov (, who polled 2,012 British adults. Over 97 percent of those questioned would be put off returning to a restaurant or bar because of poor toilets. And 85 percent will also warn friends and family members planning on going to a restaurant if the toilets are in bad condition. As a matter of fact, by the look and how clean they are, they will reflect the way you deal with the preparation of their food and if you are professional with details. Guests will have a bad memory of a restaurant experience if they will find dirty toilets since they will associate it with the kitchen cleanness of the restaurant and the way you keep your kitchen. Toilets should be checked at least once at the start of every shift (preferably more often if it is busy). A hostess or waiter can be assigned the task of refilling paper products and taking out the trash.

Regarding the design of the layout of the hygiene services bare in mind that it is advised to keep the toilets far from the seating area or better not placing tables close to the main entrance of them if you want that table to be booked. It is also not nice seating a guest close to the toilets area so you need to panel it properly. A cost-effective layout suggests placing all the toilets in a close area so you will save money with plumbing and waste. According to the rules of professional restaurants, you need men toilets to have urinals because they usually drink more than women and at least one flush toilet with one washing sink. Regarding the women toilets, you need at least two flush toilets and two or three sinks with big mirrors because women love looking after their make-up during their meal. Do not forget about the disabled toilet, you need at least one with specific measurements.

If you want to create a professional restaurant you need to add not only a changing room for your staff but a dedicated toilet just for them and forbid them to use the customer’s one. When I was in a popular restaurant I listened to a lady complaining to the manager telling him that she will not come back since she was disgusted seeing, while she was retouching her make-up in the toilet, that the same waitress that was serving her food, was getting out of the toilet without washing her hands. Do you think she did not write a bad review of that restaurant even if she had a nice food experience? Restaurant layout problems every restaurant has it. But Remember: “Saving is Wasting!”. When you have to design a successful restaurant layout you need a professional partner that leads you to the best results and limit mistakes. Please feel free to drop us an email for any help related to this matter and we will be happy to help you in making the best layout design for your restaurant. mailto:

There never seems to be enough money to solve these restaurant layout problems. But Invest your money to make your restaurant a professional place. At the end of the day, it is a business and you need to build your reputation if you want your customers to come back and talk positively about your food, your service and, the dining experience!

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