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How to make a measured survey

It is important that when designing an interior you know the exact dimensions of the space, because on the basis of those dimensions it will be decided where to place the new elements. Often it will be possible to find already existing drawings of the structure, but not always these drawings can be reliable or available sources, in this case it is desirable to make a survey of the measurements and reproduce a more accurate version of the plants, sections and significant details.

Make a survey

It is very important, when making a survey, to start from a precise point, usually an angle, and report the entire structure in the drawing. This helps to avoid mistakes that usually recur in a group of measures obtained separately and in a scattered way.

This is also the most suitable method of taking measures if you are alone. It is, however, suggested that the survey be carried out by two collaborators; one that indicates the measurements and the other that maintains the final part of the meter, marks the measurements in plan. If you measure a long distance, it is advisable to place the meter on the floor, because if kept in the airit will tend toarch and increase the measurements; when resting the meter on the floor it should not be possible it is suggested to divide the distance into two or more sections. Another solution could be the laser meter that allows you to make a survey in a long distance with precision,indispensable if you make a survey without the help of a second person.

Pay attention

It is unwise to assume that angles are always perfect angles, even when they appear as such to the human eye, especially when we are talking about old structures. It is necessary to establish, therefore, the extent of the angles through the diagonals of the space in question. The diagonal together with the two walls to which it is connected, represents the sides of a triangle and when this is drawn in scale, the angle of the intersection of the walls is established automatically and precisely. It is easy to neglect the diagonals, as much as it is easy to forget to report the heights of the ceilings, the fixtures of doors and windows, the dimensions of stairs and steps or otherdetails inthe structure. To distinguish them from other horizontal measures, and thus avoid confusion and lack of clarity in reading, it is usual to draw a circle around them and insert them as far as possible from horizontal measures.

It is often advisable to bring the measurements back to scale as soon as possible, because they are still well imprinted in the memory, and to take pictures of the spaces, details or more complex details.

When detecting the measurements of the walls it is always advisable to start from the left corner of the wall we are observing.

Drawing a plan from measured survey

Once an accurate survey of the existing building has been carried out, it is possible to begin the design. The essential information of a project is usually communicated within a series of plants. The plants are essentially sections.

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