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DomuS3D uses the AR technology of RealityRemod to create real-time design alternatives for your rooms. Simply take a photo of a room, load it into DomuS3D, and swap out the floor and walls in real-time.

DomuS3D integrates the world’s leading rendering engine, V-Ray®, to allow you to see your final design exactly as it will appear in real life. Plus, with new VR technology, we are able to offer immersive solutions that let you see designs in ways never before possible.



Present your projects to clients in fully immersive virtual 3D for the most convincing and realistic visual experience. With DomuS3D you can create VR images with the V-Ray rendering engine.

With a customized DomuS3D 360 micro-site, you can integrate DomuS3D 360 technology directly on your website. Give individual clients the ability to privately view their projects while also letting all online visitors view a public selection of your favorite finished projects, all without ever leaving your site.

Rendering and VR: Store Policies
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