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How to Place & Design the Dining Area in a Restaurant Floor Plan

The dining room set up doesn't create a mood in the restaurant - it also affects the way the staff functions as well as the customer's comfort and overall dining experience. The dining room is where the customers gather, and it should be welcoming and comfortable. Check with the local fire code council or other authority about the seating capacity of the dining room. Once you know how many people you can safely serve at one time, you can plan where to place tables and chairs, as well as a service station. The size of the tables will affect the space available. You can be creative with the shape of them but you have to remember that the number of tables will affect the daily cash flow as we have been experiencing during Covid19 time.

Round tables are nice for the family but not convenient for a couple or a single guest. We do suggest you squared tables because they can be combined for big parties or separate in a case of a single guest with a general minimum measure of 60x70 centimetrers since, in a case your customer will open a pizzeria restaurant, the size of the pizza plate is 33 centimetrers in diameter. Use single leg tables because four legs can be annoying especially when the guests want to stand up to go to toilets.

Regarding the chairs, the Hospitality industry offers many options of different models depending on the design style but we do recommend you, especially if the dining area is not too big, not to use armchairs since they will take more space. You can suggest your clients wood or metal as long as is related to your restaurant design. But if you decide to upholster them you need to use fireproof materials and we do suggest waterproof faux leather since it is better to clean in case of dropping a glass of wine for example and you can better disinfect them compared to the clouth ones.

Always combine the styles and models together of the chairs and tables with the banquettes matching colours and finishing.

Finally, according to research, customers prefer booking the same table if it is combined with a nice set of benches, especially women since they find to secure a comfortable place to sit. If you suggest your clients and use a set of benches you will create a nice and pleasant design in the seating area and if you use them with a drawers system you will save them space for extra storage if they do not have enough space.

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